30 Days
of Creativity and Inspiring

Are you looking for a way to bring more creativity and inspiration to your life?
It’s easy to do when the email comes every day for thirty days in your email box!

The emails begin the day after you sign up for the set.
When you purchase this set, you will receive:
1. An email a day for 30 days that has something to do with Creativity or Inspiring ideas.
2. Six e-books chock full of information on leading a Creative  Life.

Creativity Comes Alive!

What would help you to be more creative? Is life getting boring because there is lack of inspiration around you?
I offer this email set to bring inspiration to you. To get you thinking about the world around you and so creativity becomes part of your daily life. Among the thirty day emails I also offer 6 e-book links to e-books that are chock full of information and inspiration for you to print out and use.
What if creativity was easy to do?
The e-books contain titles such as Taking Care of Yourself, a Mandala Coloring Book, and Journaling
And three more… All for you to use in making your life more creative.
How much does this set of email and e-books cost?
The emails alone are worth $30.00, the e-books bump it up to a value over $100.00.
I wanted to keep the price down and make it affordable.
It’s $30.00 for both the emails and the linked e-books.
Creator and Owner of Creating New Worlds LLC

Katherine E. Soto